POSTADAY2011 draws to a close and I’ve been wondering for a week or two about whether there’ll be, for me, a postaday2012. I think so. Like everything else that’s good for us the discipline has sometimes required a bit of will-power. I know that I’m writing, much as with any personal journal, primarily for my own interest and reflection, even whilst being delighted by the interest and kindness of many readers across my blogging years. But I have discovered that there’s something else important going on in the daily business of even just snippets of remembering. With William Cleary, whom I’ve admired so much throughout 2011, I find myself saying of God on the 31st December:

you accompanied me … each beloved morning and afternoon, each descent into sleep, sweet or troubled. We have a long, small history together, holy God, and you are the very God and Source of truth, of everything that has transpired in this creation since the great explosion at the dawn of time, and eternally before that …

I believe that I want to keep writing about being accompanied in such a way; about a long, small history together. And I’m thankful for the postaday2011 enterprise and the fellowship and friendship thereby engendered. And the close of a year gives me an opportunity to say a substantial thank you to the terrific team at WordPress, too. And to you 🙂

7 thoughts on “THREE HUNDRED & SIXTY FIVE+

  1. Well done on completing your postaday for 2011! Thank you for you sharing your experiences and your insights throughout the year: your thoughts have been an inspiration and a blessing. Every good wish to you and your family in 2012.

  2. Happy New Year! I’m glad to hear you will be continuing; I have enjoyed the journey since boarding your bus mid-year. I took up the challenge of blogging every day in November, which I found remarkably hard work, so I admire your commitment and tenacity. Looking forward to accompanying you in 2012.

  3. Moira, thank you for your kind good wishes and encouragement, and for your own lovely, warm blog. Time stole away my having intended to tell you how much I loved your Teddy post –
    one of your teddies looking like a close relative of mine, name of Ted 😉 … Keep an eye out. I’ll blog about him sometime this year. And I’ll be visiting your blog too. All best wishes and encouragement with it. Happy New Year for you and yours x

  4. Thank you so much Tim. It was lovely to have you with us on Christmas Eve. And I’m a regular visitor to your own blog too. Love, joy and peace for you in the coming year. I hope that you’ll keep writing – and in touch – too.

  5. I began reading your blog last year. I enjoy it mostly because it is in the small things where we encounter God and where we frequently neglect to look for Him. Thank you for sharing where you find Him. -Margaret

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  7. Margaret: a very Happy New Year to you, and thank you for your kind interest and encouragement. Congratulations upon your ordination to the diaconate. And I’m delighted to have found your own blog. I’ll be a regular visitor to you. Love, joy and peace for you, and yours, and all you endeavour to be and to to do this year. 🙂

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