GUESSED? Oranges and lemons! Well, could be, but not actually. This is a Christmas tree, captured by my Nikon D90, with AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G lens, at f/1.4, at 0.0125s (1/80), manually unfocused. And here’s a thing about playing with light like this: it’s good for the imagination. And imagination is good for prayer. And prayer is good for faith. And faith gives substance and depth to life. Oranges and lemons, or planets, or sweets, or orbs. And look at the depth. And coloured hues, touching and glancing off one another. Whence the ovals, the occasional horizontal, the overlap, the bounce, the dark, the amber, the light? A mystery. A Christmas tree? – well, may retort a commentator, you could have fooled me! Here’s what I see … and something develops: life; story.

It’s like prayer, isn’t it? Mystery, depth, layers, surprise, unfocused colour and object, call, attraction, an invitation to be. I hope there’ll be times in 2012 when I’m manually unfocused, for to be so is an essential part of the call and invitation of the Divine to me. (And maybe, should anyone read this, to thee!)