COULD I CAPTURE an autumnal Cumbrian river flood with a one inch brush in 60 seconds? I can’t explain why I wanted to, but here’s my attempt. Memory plays tricks on us, I know, but the painting has grown on me and – as I recall it – the evening light was just about so. Nevertheless it should properly take more than a minute to take in the view of a river flood. What’s the hurry to get up and go? Sunset’s hymn sounds “slow” …

My first post on this blog back in 2006 was titled Simple Joys: St Francis of Assisi in the film Brother Sun, Sister Moon:

If you want your dream to be,
build it slow and surely.
Small beginnings, greater ends,
Heartfelt work grows purely.
If you want to live life free,
take your time, go slowly.
Do few things,
but do them well:
simple joys are holy.
Day by day,
stone by stone,
build your secret slowly.
Day by day,
you’ll grow too;
you’ll know heaven’s glory!


3 thoughts on “60 SECOND RIVER FLOOD

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  2. Simon I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award…I enjoy your posts and you deserve this….the link is at http://wp.me/1l7Si
    Have a great 2012 – Jane

  3. Simon I went onto the next clip on YouTube that shows them all singing in the completed church…I will watch the whole film if I can find it…wise words on building a dream.

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