FABULOUSLY FROSTY SUNRISE en route to Robert the barber in Penrith. Heavy snowfall on the Lakeland fells in my rear-view mirror. Eye-wateringly cold. Usual warm welcome. Good natter and catch up on local news. So it’s not just hair that’s been tidied up – mind and soul feel better as well. “You’ve had a very full week again eh?” said Robert. But today: frost, snow, sunrise and my barber. I hear you Mother Julian. All is well.

2 thoughts on “TIDIED UP

  1. Yes! Isn’t that absolutely true Maggie? One of our ordinands here tells me that he “found” all that he was looking for when lying upon the ground one night staring up at the stars. What a lovely phrase: “sanctuaries of strength and renewal”. Won’t it be lovely (a veritable ‘vision of peace’ – a New Jerusalem) when that can be said of every human heart – of every representation of the “Body of Christ”? May you know something of both strength and renewal today. 🙂

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