HOMS IS UNDER FIRE and news from Syria – carrying images of terrified people, severely injured children amongst them, brings home a host of unpalatable realities. How am I – watching from a distance – to respond? Is there anything at all I can do? Pray, pray, pray for peace, of course. But I must actively will peace into existence too.

Where are the false divisions I’ve set up between me and my neighbour? What would it take, in my own life to start with, to dismantle walls that divide? How much religious or nationalist or personal “certainty” amounts, in the end, to false pride? Whether on a national scale, or domestic (women bishops, same-sex partnerships and so on) – what do I really imagine the Divine will might be? And whatever the subject, and whatever my current take on things, could my prayers, my will for unity and peace, my actions and the Love of God change my (or anyone’s) attitude to what I hear, to what is revealed to me in the course of my prayer, or to what I see?