PEOPLE LEARN TO SING with one of these gorgeous little bundles in their arms – if only to drown out the “singing” powered by heartier, healthier infant lungs. It’s well over twenty-five years since I first “wrote” some baby-song lyrics of our own to Brahms’ Lullaby, but they came back to me tonight, and to good effect – though I’d forgotten the tininess and the nervousness in the first holding. Night night Jack Robert – and his clever old Mum and Dad xx

5 thoughts on “POPPA MARSH, BRAHMS & JACK

  1. Well done to all of you – you look so happy, Simon. xx

  2. You are very lucky Simon…..perhaps you don’t know how lucky…but we envy you your lovely Jack Robert….looking so happy and healthy…( has he got the Marsh profile ?)
    Best wishes to Mum and Dad…May our Lord bless and keep them all safe in his arms…now and for ever
    Di and Bry +

  3. Congratulations Grandpa Marsh! It is a lovely feeling isn’t it holding a newborn especially one of your own family! Lots of sisterly love Sarah x x

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  5. For “Quo Vadis”


    What a beautiful piece of writing. Stunningly evocative, tender and “ringing true”. Quo vadis? – into the depths! This brilliant liitle vignette is of the very stuff that sustains life, and hope, and an underlying security in all of us. I’ve immediately ordered my copy of Banyan and I shall think of “My Brother’s Lullaby” as well as of my own children and grandchildren next time I hear a Brahms Bunny. Wonderful. Thank you – to the author, and to the technical serendipity that linked two mentions of a best loved lullaby …


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