A MIX OF GOOD, “BAD” & SAD today. Wonderful Family Eucharist at 9am when Rachael Elizabeth introduced us to a transfigured Jesus and to (William Blake’s ! ) Emmet the Ant and the Glow Worm who showed him the way home; and a happy encounter later with a couple planning their August wedding. But, alongside these, the phone calls and the home visits to people struggling with illness, mortality and / or bereavement. Most every day of my working life someone asks the all-too-often unanswerable “Why?”. And truth to tell, faced with a thousand unanswerables we just have to learn to surrender sometimes. Don’t we? Don’t I?

William Cleary always hits the spot for me:

God Creator of our life, of human hearts dancing with hope, God of falling leaves and long memory, of children racing through days and years, of energies for hard work, of surrendering with grace to the demands of time, we raise our minds into yours – however slightly we can manage it – and rejoice that life and vitality and the dynamism of relationship throbs on and on, and we (with You) are a part of it. May your presence teach us gratitude, and your wonders give us awe. Amen.

Our Minds into Yours: Surrendering to life
from We Side with the Morning