I CAN GET LOST walking to the post box at the end of the road, so the maze of a large modern hospital disorientates me before I’ve even stepped out of the car – a bit of a trial for a parish priest who’s a frequent hospital visitor but who cannot distinguish one hospital corridor from the next no matter how often they’ve been traversed before! So it’s time for a hat tip to the nation’s hospital volunteers, without whom …

Today, at Wythenshawe, my kind guide asked me to let her know whether her (absolutely) accurate instructions had been a help. “We don’t like to lose people, Sir”. And I fully intended to say thanks and tell her that she really had helped. I saw the right patient, in the right place, at the right time. Trouble is that, by the time I was done, my friend, my friend’s door, reception desk, friendly colleague, stairs and corridor had all been moved … somewhere. So I hope she reads blogs sometimes. Thank you for your help. And please thank your fellow hospital volunteers. Maybe you could ask the chief exec why he keeps moving the corridors around though?



  1. I’ll ask the CEO of Wythenshawe about those corridors – he’s one of Lee’s best friends!!!! And a very sound chap with impeccable taste in music…..

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