WE LIVE IN A HALL OF MIRRORS, prone to perpetual distortion of the senses, pushed along by the ever increasingly more urgent insistences of others so that we’re no longer sure whether our actions are caused by our own considered intentions, or theirs. That’s why I practice mindfulness. That’s why, every day, I set aside time for a deliberate, conscious practice of awareness. I need – and I believe we all need – to be peacefully aware of things, of life, as they actually are and I know that, without a deliberate practice of mindfulness, (and – in the interest of accuracy – even sometimes with the practice) my distorted senses can become a drain on my life and the lives of others. I / we become exhausted, perpetually trying to focus on proper perspective in the stomach-churning instability of distorted reflections.

One of William Cleary‘s wonderfully human and humane prayers speaks of our need to place ourselves on the side of God, on the side of Life …

… the side of justice, of intelligent and rational thought, and of those religious claims that are based on honesty and reverence. We revere what is known for certain about you, and for all that is unknown: your name, for instance, and your essence. Keep us from spiritual illusion, Holy God, and in compassion with all who share with us this Cloud of Unknowing. Amen


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