Christ in the Wilderness, Ivan Kramskoy, 1872, The State Tretyakov Gallery, Russia

EVERY MOMENT in the life of humankind might be described as “long in time” – as surely as Christ’s forty days in the wilderness – and all that followed – would have seemed “long.” And perhaps Wendell Berry’s Epitaph speaks of any and all who have known such wilderness experience, of all humankind, each in their own time, and of a great and eternal in-gathering in which we’ll all be added to one another. What an eternally glorious Easter that would be …

Having lived long in time,
he lives now in timelessness
without sorrow, made perfect
by our never finished love,
by our compassion and forgiveness,
and by his happiness in receiving
these gifts we give. Here in time
we are added to one another forever.

Wendell Berry
The Selected Poems: Epitaph from Entries, p 149

One thought on “ADDED TO ONE ANOTHER

  1. I read this poem at my father’s funeral to a room of 100+ farmers who he shared his life with in a small community of 600 people. He lived without religion…but would have forgiven me for these words from the poet farmer Wendell Berry.
    -Larry Butcher

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