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early in the morning – john xx.i

O God

you’re slender still, my love
my balancing hand
my home, my warm safe cradle

In this embrace we pray again
Dawn, pinks, greys, blues
fingers touching, early

And I believe, and I love you today
Tentative, of course, as though
dreaming, but true

You were always there for me
alive inside and all around me
and now in a garden at dawn
I wonder who anointed who?


deep calm –
a flash of recognition
spontaneous embrace
and already you’re
meditative, contemplative, collected
my girl, my heart, Wisdom, counsel
confidante, apostle
and rosy and sleepy and dreamy
reflective, barefooted, shining
and we’re bound, bathed, warm
as though after supper
but buoyed up by dawn

Smiling, bright-eyed
your eyes and mine
fathering, mothering
laughing, believing
creating, sustaining
and teaching this new Body
all tenderness
fragile and reaching

Go and tell them – adamah – dust

we’ll faithfully meld
into each other
and we’ll all return to the Ocean
from Whence we came

Simon Marsh, 19 March 2012