HOW WE THRIVE when there’s light in the world. Every year I’m taken afresh by surprise as Spring sunshine makes the world seem a happier place. A springtime day off at home in Cumbria recharges so much more than merely physical batteries. It’s something to do with being where

in green pastures … he restoreth my soul

Psalm 23

This sunshiney day reminds me of a friend telling me that he’s just recently discovered the joy of sitting still watching ducks on a park lake … and I remember Michael Paul Gallagher SJ quoting Bernard Meland

Whatever happens in life to open up our natures to the tendernesses of life is redemptive

Quiet warmth and the odd pottering pedestrian ambling around the village with a smile on his or her face bring to mind some words of St John of the Cross

What matters is not what happens but how one responds to what happens

“Growth action” requires that I / we make time – an all-important element in the teaching of Jesus – simply to shine!