WELL OF COURSE I’ll tell you what I’ve been reading all day on this grey, drizzly, English Bank Holiday Easter Monday. Be glad to. You know that! It’s just that, hang on a minute, what was I saying, oh, yeah, reading. Of course I’d like to tell you. It’s just that, for the life of me, I can’t remember.

2 thoughts on “OF COURSE I’LL TELL YOU

  1. Sounds just like my Mum. She repeats endlessly that she thanks God that she can still read, but as she can’t remember what happened two minutes ago, I don’t suppose she remebers much of what she reads. But it keeps her happy!

  2. Happy Easter Kathryn :). Reading certainly keeps me happy. It’s the now-more-frequent dropping off to sleep in the chair whilst the book quietly slips to the floor that’s a bit disconcerting! Love to all xx

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