I’VE BEEN playing with colour (when not fast asleep) during a lazy hazy relaxing Easter holiday week in the Lake District. Here the colours have been changing moment by moment, and today I’m reflecting – as it’s time to head South and “back to work” – on the gift of colour in our lives, and the ever-changing spectrum; upon the goodness, the generosity of it if you like.  Life could have been given to us in greyscale, or just plain black and white. In middle age I’m finding that I like, more and more, to use the whole pallet in the artistry of life, and sometimes just to splash a bit of colour about here and there with a sort of relaxed abandon! And the English Lake District is one glorious area in which to glory in the spectrum. God is good!

2 thoughts on “COLOURS

  1. Middle age brings many benefits, one being a deeper appreciation for all we have been given. Very enjoyable post!

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