GLORIOUS SOLEMN MASS for St Mark’s Day in the newly refurbished Church of the Resurrection at Mirfield today. Wonderful, wonderful singing, with a setting to the Lord’s Prayer that must have been composed in Heaven. Perfect harmony, all wonderfully understated and not a hint of musical me, me, me anywhere.

One of our ordinands, Paul Deakin (above right), is in training for the priesthood at the College of the Resurrection. Churchwardens Sue Taylor, Ralph Luxon, and Administrator Janet Ketteringham joined me on an encouragement visit. We were encouraged. Paul – and Mirfield – were the typically hospitable encouragers. Fabulous lunch … thanks to Sandra and the team.

Decluttering. I’m known for it in the parishes I’ve served. There’s quite simply nothing quite so useful as beautiful open space for facilitating beautiful open worship. The newly refurbished Lower and Upper Churches at Mirfield are models of spacious openness. There’s absolutely no mistaking what the Church was built for, no mistaking what the Community is about.

Praise my soul the King of Heaven in incense-laden atmosphere, heavy with prayer and the call to pay attention to the life and work of Evangelists, defies description. And I hope to hear the closing Organ Voluntary some day in Heaven where I imagine it will sound no less profound a note of celebration as it did today. An echoing silence enveloped the House after the closing chords and many simply sat in silence, in a renewed space, in a holy place. And then the aforementioned lunch! A proper Feast Day. My old and very spacious home church, St Mark’s Claughton, would have been proud.

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2 thoughts on “MIRFIELD FOR ST MARK

  1. We are all so looking forward to our visit to Mirfield on May 14th.
    The Guild,Mothers’ Union and friends of St.Michael’s.

  2. I know that Paul is looking forward to welcoming you, too, Diane. And I know that you’ll all have a lovely day đŸ™‚

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