MOONLIGHT. Midnight.
Biting. Restless.
Bracing. Rain.
Cold. Racing.
Serious. Shifting.
Taught. Fraught.
All these notwithstanding –
He could hear the Word on the wind

4 thoughts on “WORD ON THE WIND

  1. Interesting shift in rhythm from drumbeat in the body of the piece to conversation at the end. Suggests movement from elemental to mental. Clever matchof content and form.

  2. Jan, thank you. It’s wonderful for me to have a Real poet take the time to make an observation like this one. Do you often wonder where poems / reflections come from? I do. Sometimes they’re “just there” – in a flash. They just need a pen – and sometimes a brush because the picture’s often “there” too. I’m delighted to have found your ‘shinystuff’ – and take this opportunity to say a big thank you, again, for your simply stunning “rounding up” of the Arts & Faith network day here, and your presence throughout it …

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