… as in that beginning, in every age the same, creation’s Re-creator is keeping hope aflame. From Eden to the desert, the manger to the tomb, each fall becomes a rising, and every grave a womb.

From verse 2: The universe is waiting 
Michael Forster, (born 1946), © 1999 Kevin Mayhew Ltd

REBECCA KOO writes about process. Good religion does too – about becoming. And it takes a lifetime. And falling and rising. Sometimes, even, a feeling like “crawling upon your belly”, wondering, painfully, “what did I do wrong?”. Sometimes knowing exactly, and taking care to learn from the knowing. Sometimes feeling naked. (… so I hid myself). But it’s important we rememember that we’re talking about a “Universe-person” here, about a wholly “catholic” long-haul enterprise, and about every life’s being a necessary part of the Universe’s song. Neither Rome, as they say, nor Universe were built in a day, and process, as Rebecca suggests, comes right across a lifetime, not overnight. “Creation’s Re-creator is keeping hope aflame.”

Religion. From religare. To draw together as one. This is the work of nothing less than Life itself/herself/himself – and our whole lives at (and within) that. So any religious or philosophical assurances about our having no further need to explore, or implore, or pray, or go, or grow, need to be shown the door. Process. That’s the thing. Sometimes painful, sometimes joyful, and every shade in between. “Each fall becomes a rising, and every grave a womb”.

Son, behold thy mother. The procession of life swirls onwards …

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  1. First (and sadly, last) narrowboat boat holiday. Attempting to turn ….. Ah. Stopping there, have just realised that this is going to be poem #27. So all I’ll say now is ‘couldn’t agree more’.

  2. Thank you so very much for the reference and link here! What an honor. Glad to come here and read! Beautiful!

  3. Simon, great post. Thank you for her link. I am nominating you for the “Sunshine Blogging Award” for inspiration and creativity. You certainly do not have to accept, but felt you deserved it. I will feature your link on my upcoming post.

  4. 🙂 – what a happy realisation, and – having just been delighted by #27 – a deeply satisfying result. Thank you Jan.

  5. Rebecca: I, for my part, am honoured by your own kindness, and thankful for your honesty and self-giving in writing. I am personally so very grateful for friendships and important encounters with some truly wonderful people that have been afforded by the wonders of modern communications – something I only ever dreamed about in my youth. The more we’re able to hear and encourage one another the better off we’ll all be. Thank you. I’ll watch out for your posts 🙂

  6. Thank you so much! You really are, as I’ve said before, such an encourager. It may take me a day or two to accept and respond to your very kind nomination but I’ll certainly try to do so. It’s lovely to be able to link up with new friends in this extraordinary way isn’t it? I’m sure that you’ll enjoy Rebecca’s writing too. Again, friend, thank you.

  7. Another encouraging post Simon. Thank you for the reminder about religion drawing creation together, and thank you for linking to itsakoolife – another blog worth following.

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