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SIT BACK AND DO NOTHING … and wonder 🙂

10 thoughts on “AURORA-BOREALIS

  1. I loved this video! the rainbowness of it makes it sooo breathtaking..and the sights that fill your senses make you gape in awe at a perfection unparalleled by any: the great cosmic concert 😀

  2. “Rainbowness”. I love that. And “the great cosmic concert” – what a magnificent turn of phrase. Both sum up succinctly and beautifully what I believe we’re all here for: to the glory of the Creator 🙂

  3. You are one of those bloggers with whom I feel a deep connection…I am touched by your words…they help my healing soul

  4. It leaves me (even me!) virtually speechless, Francesca. How can we not be filled with hope, faith, vision, and the awed response of love when we have access to majesty and grace on this scale? If we keep eyes, ears, hearts, souls, minds and bodies open we move from one degree of glory unto another!

  5. CONNECTION / CONNECTIONS. Thank you, to both Francesca and Ria for being facilitators of connections. This is what inspires me about the art, gift and grace of writing, or indeed of any other art. And there’s deep connection not only between us but also between us and the Artist who created and keeps on creating what Ria has so beautifully described as “the great cosmic concert”.

  6. Simon–this is absolutely amazing my friend. Thank you for sharing such a colorful display of one of God’s many wonders. This video touches the core. 🙂

  7. I love and have loved the lights and hope to see them myself one day. Seeing them tonight reminds me of the film “Avatar” (which is lovely and incredibly colourful), and now reminds me also of ‘The Shack’ novel and how these wonderful colours are surely a glimpse into Heaven…

  8. Rachael: I thought of those glorious visions in ‘The Shack’, too. And I intend to see ‘Avatar’ properly, having only seen snippets to date. Yes, glimpses of Heaven, a raising of our eyes 🙂

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