NINETY-SIX vigorous participants ran for gold in today’s Messy Olympics at Bramhall Parish Church. A wonderful occasion – supported and undergirded by our marvellous Young Church team and a host of adult helpers, together with Double Act our much loved puppet ministry, and some of the best loved “caterers” in the business – it showcased junior / infant athleticism par excellence, enthusiastic worship, and a grand high tea of baked potatoes, cheese and beans and salad and, wonder of wonders, donuts for afters!

The Barnby Choir was rehearsing in the Church after a delightful Wedding had been celebrated in the morning. The Parish Hall, Lounge and grounds were buzzing with happy people of all ages. St Michael’s is a wonderful place to be on days like today … or pretty much any day really 🙂

Sheila Newbon oversaw the fabrication of our Olympic Flame – bearing the signatures of all participants – now placed close to the altar in the parish church where it will be for us a beacon in the coming months, and a reminder that we’ve more to be thankful for in this place and at this time than most of us could account for.