THERE’S NO DOUBT that I’m a person easily moved to tears – and I’ve always been glad of the fact. Being able to express at least something of what goes on inside our hearts and souls is a great blessing, a release. I’m glad, too, to be a person of faith. I trust life’s fundamental goodness and believe deeply that if one wants to make a contribution to building a better world one has to do that lovingly and respectfully. Love and respect for creation are among the most basic attributes I believe about God. So it’s no surprise really that I’m often moved to tears of sadness by the continuing cruelties, divisions and searing battles between peoples all over the world – some of them, shockingly to me, within the Anglican Church I love and serve.

The Church’s infighting (and that not just within the Anglican tradition, of course) seems of such ridiculous and insignificant consequence as I watch the news footage about the atrocities in Syria – but little divisions set up between anyone at all can so quickly escalate into the makings of full-scale battle – and dismissal of the importance of another’s right to be. I simply cannot believe that GOD would have any truck at all with the battles about who can or cannot be a bishop, or who can or cannot reckon themselves married. The biggest statement that God makes to this world is that s/he breathes LIFE into it all, forever calling that life to come forth from the tombs of darkness, and from win/lose debates and death, to live in glorious light.

I’m very well aware, of course, and always have been, that there’ll be many who will, without a second’s thought, dismiss me as a simple man, a Christian “lightweight” (what a terrible, overused appellation that one is) – someone with little or no grasp of the “complexities” of the world – and all of those things are doubtless truer of me than many would know. But I’ve played this song over and over again today. And it brings tears of joy to my eyes and a longing in my heart each and every time. There’s a simply gorgeous universality about it. It calls us. There’s a real vocation for all of us here: a vocation to the (sometimes silent) music of Life. May God grant me the grace always  to “keep it simple.”

Some words they can’t be spoken, only sung

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  1. Those who dismiss you are unfortunately unable to be open in the way that you are – next time you hear the word simple, remember that simplicity is about finding inner happiness rather than the temporary consumerism that can damage, and being “lightweight” means that your feet are less grounded in the muddy aspects of earth, and can be closer to heavenly things! Just back from listening to the Dalai Lama. I’m sure he’d say something similar…

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