I THINK I was just 8 when the persistent “knowing” first revealed itself, and about 14 when I read James Insight’s I Turned My Collar Round. It was lovely to spend some time in company tonight with a colleague who’d read it at about the same time.

Thirty years after turning my own collar round, I’ve been enjoying a celebration supper, generously hosted, at his home, by Bishop Robert Atwell of Stockport, with a small group of my peers, all of us wondering how teenage dreams about becoming parish priests suddenly materialised into our having been ordained for three (or four) decades. It has been a very special evening and the word that keeps playing over and over in my mind is “thanks”.

Dag Hammarskjöld’s prayer says what I want to say concisely and very well

For all that has been: thanks
For all that will be: yes!

3 thoughts on “30 & COUNTING

  1. Thank you David. Thank you, for friendship, and for the gift that you are to clerical colleagues both Ancient & Modern …

  2. But where have the years gone? I remember your production of the Green Light paper. it can’t have been the Red Light.

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