HERE’S A GORGEOUS little clip (I hope she won’t mind) from my priceless friend Mimi’s Blog: Waiting For The Karma Truck. Need something to cheer you up in the mornings? You need Mimi. Trust me.

Bless her, sweltering beneath heat, storm and tempest over there in the dear old US of A – whilst we in the UK are languishing beneath plain grey – Mimi’s always got something delightful and cheering to say. I was thrilled that she spotted and posted a little snippet from the life of the very English Jane Austen – who must have known some merrier summers than this one:

What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance

No writer on the planet could describe Mimi as inelegant. Whether beneath rain or shine I commend her joy-filled blog to your glad days 🙂

3 thoughts on “INELEGANCE?

  1. Oh Simon, how did I manage without your glorious, generous friendship? I’m really not sure how, though I know I am so much better for it. As I wrote earlier, you’re biased beyond measure, and my gratitude runs in parallel. How mysteriously and wonderfully the Lord works – regardless of one’s ascribed religion – how our paths crossed was truly a blessing for me. Have a good evening my dear friend..Mimi

  2. THE LORD certainly does work mysteriously … but the best bit about God, in my book, is the Loving! I don’t think there are any boundaries or fences where God is concerned … we just have to keep our eyes open for the blessings and remember to spend our days saying “thanks”. And that kinda livin’ just shines in you, the same you who is an extraordinary blessing to me (and about 3 million other lucky followers!) 😉 x

  3. Well, perhaps 300 or so followers Simon…3 million would probably scare me!! I am profoundly thankful..and each day something else happens for which I am both humbled and grateful. Like getting messages from friends across the pond…:-)

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