CHANGED FROM GLORY into glory, on our tower he’ll take his place. Our weather-vane’s been restored to youthful glory and is here photographed shortly before being hoisted to his perch atop our lantern tower. I’m trying to conjure up a sermon about his subtext:

Don’t touch the gold

I’ll let you know …

5 thoughts on “GILDED, FRAMED & HOISTED

  1. Whichever way the wind blows, the base will always remain in place…you are that base dear friend…

  2. Mary Suzanne: thank you very much indeed. I’m sure I don’t merit such great kindness. I’m very delighted though that James nominated your blog which, like his, I read regularly. I love the titles of both your blogs. I want to say “Amen” whenever I’m reminded that God’s Name is the embracing “I Am”, and I believe that James’ blog “The Way Home” is, precisely, what all spiritual aspiration, endeavour and loving is really all about. So, heartfelt thanks. I accept your most kind nomination with deep appreciation and gratitude. Joy and peace for you and for all your own hopes and prayers for our common life 🙂

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