I DON'T SEE nearly enough of them but know the enduring treasure of parents one would have chosen as closest friends if they weren't already Mum and Dad. There's a parable for me in that they've both loved and shared the vision for the gardens they've tended, wherever they've lived.

Lavender and roses, cherry blossom and wallflowers, clipped privet hedges and tended lawns are woven into my boyhood memories. It was a treat today that recent UK grey turned into blue-skied sunshiney day, so the flowers bloomed in all their glory – the parents, I mean, but the garden flowers too. We talked of the human need to develop and to grow, especially in the ways of the spiritual life. Nevertheless I still find myself wanting to say and to pray, perfectly simply

God bless Mum and Dad, and God bless me and you … and thanks

5 thoughts on “FLOWERS AT ROSE LODGE

  1. Simon, thank you for a moving post. The things in life that are extraordinary are revealed through your words here. Take care and enjoy.

  2. Beautiful photo and people. I’ve been reviewing my own relationships with family and I thank God every day that my parents are or were my friends. Parents are not perfect, they are human. If we can embrace this understanding we can experience such beautiful relations. Thank you for this wonderful post and reminder.

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