BRAMHALL PARISH CHURCH is a work of art in itself – the building and the people – full of intricacy, beautiful detail and perpetual surprise! There’s some of the loveliest oak carving I’ve seen anywhere, and good glass, and good nature. And sunshine, and textiles and flowers. And dozens of talented poets and artists, many of whom were, and have remained, hugely inspired by a visit to the Gustav Klimt exhibition in Liverpool in 2008.

Some of their varied work has been exhibited on and around our Dedication Sunday. St Michael’s seeks to be a Breathing Space and has a real Wow! factor for first time visitors. There are many pieces I’m enthralled by in this exhibition, much of it fabricated after the style of Klimt by our own parishioners and friends. Amongst them this one, small icon-sized and gorgeous, is, for me, an invitation, like all good art and poetry, to prayer, imagination and co-creativity. Just as religion – just as life – should be, whatever our roots or tradition.

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  1. Hey Kathryn, thanks for this. I didn’t know that actually. Local interest in him has only recently encouraged me to learn a bit more about him. Quite a fellow. I hope you’re thriving. Hope to catch up via Skype ere long xx

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