St Thomas, Stockport | photo/kittykenrick

PLAYING (AND PRAYING!) away tonight at St Thomas' Stockport, Bramhall's “mother church”, presently in interregnum. Goodness me it's an enormous building, like all the Stockport churches, and its small congregation is correspondingly big-hearted. But in 2012 one can hardly imagine the time when nave and galleries would be filled with upwards of 1000 people at Sunday services, nor how they found the funds to maintain such an enormous House.

I was lost in reverie for a spell this evening as I thought of the vision and the excitement that led “mother” to spearhead the founding of our own parish. The child grew up to be strong and healthy, and we're thankful for the founding vision. But times they are a changing – and our Christian faith reminds us – in Stockport and in Bramhall – that not all change is bad!

The secret lies – albeit that it's still very much a secret for many folks – in how we'll adapt to change, how we'll grow and thrive maintaining a faith and a “resurrection hope” (something truly good and full of life ahead of us) that will certainly outlive even some of our most beautiful and much treasured places of worship. The secret lies within – in our becoming living temples to God's glory. All of us. All humankind. All creation. I'm hopeful. I really am.


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