Simon Marsh | July 2012

LOOK IN THE MIRROR! Advice I’ve needed to hear in the past ten days or so. I’m staggered at how difficult it is actually to just STOP. Even on holiday last week! But now I’ve virtually ground to a halt with one of the most debilitating chest infections I’ve ever experienced. So ordinary daily routine, and my ordinary daily blog, have taken a back seat for a few days, for the first time in a very long time.

But one of the things about blogging, I suppose, is that one is hereby afforded an opportunity to record something about what’s actually happening in and around one’s life – exhaustion being currently one such element in mine.  Perhaps, then, a few blank days on the blog will remind me in due course of a few blank days in day to day life – and ultimately give me cause to be better thankful for my usual rude health!

Thank you, very much indeed, to friends and family who’ve been patiently “holding a candle” for me – patient notwithstanding the fact that months go by without contact with said family and friends because of the exact same busyness of life I’m forever counselling others to slow down in. That faithfulness and generosity of heart is very greatly appreciated. Whilst feeling utterly washed out and certainly “signed off”, I’m told, for another week or so, I’ve still done a bit of reading, keeping up with blogging friends – reading them whilst not responding in writing – and I’ve digitally reorganised a few photos which is something that brings joy even whilst relying on a “puffer” to stay on top of a painful wheeze.

13 thoughts on “LOOK IN THE MIRROR

  1. I am getting worried. What’s the diagnosis and prognosis? You are receiving medical treatment, right? Let us know, please.

  2. Thank you 🙂 Diagnosis = “there’s a lot of it about.” Prognosis = “Antibiotics should have made a difference by the end of the week. Come back (to MD) if not.” Thanks so much for your kindness.

  3. Simon! So sad to hear you are sick, but I do love this picture and the post. You remind me to breathe and take things in and I appreciate you! Hope you are well soon!

  4. Mmmm most of it has been said but you have got a month to get yourself well and on fine form! So………. Be gentle with yourself and let others take care of “things” and you! Love as ever x x

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