I LOVED THIS big sky image as soon as I’d captured it. Gazing at the sky does wonders for stilling heart and mind and soul and body, and for leading a person into quiet contemplation. Still currently confined to barracks I’ve done plenty of just that today.

Odd not to have been presiding at the weddings I’ve prepared some happy couples for, but I’ve been with them in spirit and – in a most unusual way where vicars and weddings are concerned – there’s really been time, with the couples on my heart and mind, to pray on the Big Day. Yes: gazing at the sky does wonders, whether on the Penrith road (above) or at Bramhall Vicarage.

8 thoughts on “BIG SKY

  1. I am such a fan of gazing at the sky as well! You are brilliant with your camera! Love this and your musings too.

  2. I wish you good health Simon and feel terrible that I didn’t know you weren’t well. And yet, one looks at this picture and can’t help but smile and think it only right that you would catch the perfect shot and rejoice in it..

  3. Very dear Mimi. You’re such a treasure! Thank you. It’s been difficult to keep in touch with friends because I’m quite simply flat-out at the moment, but hugely appreciate your thoughts and love. Will keep in touch xx

  4. Hey Rebecca, thank you. Especially for your kindness about my photo, that’s an especial honour from someone with a photographer’s eye and know-how like yours šŸ™‚ x

  5. Lori, thank you so much. Friendship is balm for the soul, too, and health wishes all the way from New Hampshire are a real blessing. Joy and peace for you and yours today.

  6. Please’re in my thoughts and heart. I honestly don’t enter this blog-village without thinking about you and wondering how you are…xx

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