THANK YOU SO MUCH to wonderful friends, family, colleagues and parishioners for enormously kind concern and good wishes. For the past two weeks my situation hasn’t changed very much at all. The chest infection makes breathing wheezy and sometimes difficult and I’m permanently flat-out exhausted. I’m also being very well cared for, as usual, and ordinary expressions of gratitude are not enough to cover that fact.

Perhaps I’d be more worried than I am if I hadn’t heard of several other people in a similar situation. I think that antibiotics are slowly beginning to do their work, hope to see my GP again on Friday, and that I’ll begin to pick up sometime soon. Ordinary daily life and contacts have had to be put on hold, frustratingly, especially where illness in others, or baptisms, weddings and funerals are concerned. The dozens of daily meetings, phone calls, emails and blog contacts that are normally as natural as breathing itself are all currently beyond me to any great degree, but I’m reading the odd chapter, being fed by the wonderful psalmody and poetry that my head and heart are full of, and going to sleep in between! And, actually, there’s more time than usual for thinking about people, for a never-ending supply of rich memories, and for prayer. Fr Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditations on the theme of Letting Go have seemed especially apposite this week.

My elder daughter Rachel will marry Ally a month from today so I’m focusing on being fit as a fiddle by then. Meanwhile, family and friends know that silence and stillness are friends to me, never enemies, so I’m not unduly agitated, indeed grateful, really, for opportunity to mull things over a bit and take stock – a couple of spoons-full of my own medicine. In fact I’m hoping to be quietly present for our monthly Monday Meditation next week.

Oddly, for someone who isn’t ordinarily very sporty or athletic, I’ve been much moved by the odd glimpse I’ve had of the Olympics – something to do with the huge commitment, dedication, perseverance and – I suppose – love that are required in order to participate fully. Tears well up in me – for both the winners and the “losers”.

Again, thank you so much for thoughts and prayers. They – and those who offer them – are very greatly appreciated. I’m grateful, too, for Apple’s wonderful new OS Mountain Lion – enabling me to dictate this note. xxx

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  1. Hi Simon
    have been out of the country, but was reading the blog… So sorry you have been suffering, I think too many of us are having to deal with too many things at the moment, and trying to hear God in all of it is really hard… Waiting and being waited upon is good for us and others… I am still trying to get over to a monday night and may make it this coming week:)

    blessings to you and your family

  2. Praying for you brother! Get better soon!! Much Love, Marc, Julie, Daniel, and Leah xxxx

  3. It always helps to focus on those wonderful events and beautiful relations that inspire our lives to appreciate what’s beyond our sickness. Medicine for the soul! Continue to get well my friend and thank God for your sensitive heart! 🙂

  4. What a beautiful soul you are, Simon! Glad you are resting in your body and also being nourished in your spirit. So encouraging to read this! Thank you and keep getting better bit by bit.

  5. I didn’t know how to email you, but wanted to know how you are feeling? Any better? I hope each day brings you renewed strength and health. I’ve been thinking about you frequently and only sending good thoughts…xx

  6. Thanks so much Mimi. I’ll copy this into an email so that you’ll have the contact details too. I’ve turned a corner, I think, with the latest medication. Completely, flat-out exhausted still – and no doubt some lessons to be learned because of that. But also buoyed up, literally, by the love and thoughts and prayers and goodness of family and friends like yourself – and by a wonderfully supportive parish.

    You, and Bill Wooten, and Ivon Prefontaine, and Frankie Zelnick, and Lori and Maggie and Ginny and Rebecca Koo and Ria Gandhi are each “friends far away” – and each of you is providing me with daily inspiration – and I’m hoping to celebrate a couple of the services next Sunday, though distinct lack of voice at the moment means that they’ll be quieter than usual! Be blessed and happy as you go off for your holiday. Come back safely and know that I keep a special folder of your daily email notifications – so I am keeping in touch even when it doesn’t look like it! Love and renewed thanks, Simon xx

  7. Dear Simon please don’t think for one moment that I am wondering whether or not you’re keeping up with my silly little blog. I have just had you on my mind and in my heart and just needed to know how you are. I am grateful that you truly feel that you are on the mend, and am hopeful that you will not push yourself too hard or return to your crazy schedule too soon. Thank you for sending me your email – now I can check in like the over-protective person that I am…Be well, rest, take good care..xx, m

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