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1st SEPTEMBER 2012. The unforgettable day when my daughter Rachel married her Alistair surrounded by family and more congratulating and vigourously delighted friends than I could count. Friend and colleague Leslie Newton, our local Methodist Minister, wrote to me recently “I can’t imagine how emotional that’s going to be.” I don’t need to imagine now! It was. Very. Leslie you were absolutely right.

Rachel and Alistair: they’re an immeasurable blessing. May they be blessed as they bless. And may Scottish rain hold off until the young farmer’s brought in his Harvest!

Simon’s photos are here | some of Andi Watson’s photos are here

Boogaloo’s slides on YouTube are here

3 thoughts on “RACHEL & ALISTAIR

  1. How absolutely lovely, Simon! CONGRATS to you and your family! As fate would have it, I got married on Saturday as well. A happy, happy day all the way around! 🙂

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