LOST FOR WORDS. Not something that pastors and preachers often have said about them. But words are like floodwater. There are times when words pour forth, sometimes for good – blessing, cleansing, healing, irrigating, quenching thirst; and sometimes for ill – damaging, inundating, pontificating, superior, sweeping aside.

And there are times, actually many times, when, achingly, one is simply lost for words – good or ill, from our genesis to revelation.

Poets frequently find themselves lost for words. Poetry is born out of silence – out of a sense of something lost that needs to be found. There’s pain to be borne in the bringing to birth of good poetry. There’s a reaching into the depths of things that’s required. And sometimes, in our religious attempts “to bind, or to make whole” we’ll feel ourselves quite overwhelmed.

How grateful I am to have found a godly reflection by the Unitarian minister Bill Darlison:

All religion is poetry, and the rules of poetry are not the rules of logic

And what marvellous and extraordinary poetry I was awed by in Friday evening’s sunset here – a poetic being lost for words; an invitation to trust that with or without my help evening’s rest will descend and a new day will dawn – until we recognise ourselves as so deeply loved, so deeply and eternally alive that we’re by now beyond either words or logic. Home. We’re the poem …

5 thoughts on “WE’RE THE POEM

  1. “Silence is the true friend that never betrays.” Confucius. A beautiful photo and a wise post, Simon. It’s good to hear from you…. 🙂

  2. You too Lori. Many thanks. I’ve missed the daily blog and am tentatively placing a toe in the water again. Lovely Confucius quote. Hope all is well with you x

  3. All is indeed well, Simon, and hope it is so with you, too. Your posts are so delightful–sometimes soothing, sometimes provocative, always thoughtful and heartfelt. Hope you’ll continue to “wiggle those toes in the water.”. 🙂

  4. Beautiful post, Simon.
    Not to draw attention to myself but I thought I would share a few of mine along this same thought. They are very brief but thought you would enjoy.
    I still love the repost of yours I did.
    Keep dipping your toes in the water, as you have time.

  5. Thank you so much Alexandria … for the links to your own glorious posts (and for your blog generally), for the lovely and generous repost you made, and for your kindly peace and encouragement. Joy and peace for you, too 🙂

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