WILLIAM CLEARY’S heartfelt prayers are a steadying influence in my own “up and down” life. He’s a man who knows plenty of life’s richness and joy, whilst yearning, too, for that other “home” that is, at one and the same time, both within and without, both now and not yet.

Someone was described to me recently as “a bit temperamental – you know? – a bit up and down.” I explained my smiling response: “Isn’t that a bit like saying – ‘you know? – the one with the two eyes, nose and a mouth?’ Aren’t we all a bit temperamental, all a bit up and down?”

I’m grateful beyond all measure for the love of the people closest to me who help to maintain my equilibrium, my balance, my own faith, hope and love.

And certainly I believe that our religious traditions call us to be honest about what it feels like to be a twenty-first century human being, plying our course across the ocean of life, and about those same traditions, religious or philosophical, calling us, all of us, to aspire

William Cleary is guided by a vision. I’m thankful to be able to share something of it.

Yours is a land I can only dream of, something I believe in even when it is inconceivable. Take me occasionally to the outskirts of that city, Sacred Mystery, where I may see at least the reflection in the sky of those golden streets

William Cleary