SERMONS ONLINE Audio: The Gospel Reading & Homily for the Feast of SS Simon & Jude : 28 October 2012 – “Don't panic!”

I am giving you these commands so that you may love one another. from John 15.17-27

JESUS OF NAZARETH proclaimed a new kind of Kingdom – the very reign of God – in the name of that same God – the Source of his life and of all our lives – the God “who sent me”.

When I speak of “Christ” I speak not just of the “Christians' Christ” but of the “Cosmic Christ” – of the Christos – the Anointed who is The Ancient of Days, the one that the Book Deuteronomy speaks of as “everlasting arms”. God does not exist only for Church people. God MADE all people – and remakes them, over and again, rising and falling, with every breath that we take.

The Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ I speak of, excludes no-one. It is necessary neither to speak of him nor to worship him in order to be loved by him. The Love pre-exists all things and will outlast all things. That's why the Christ from Nazareth was so insistent that humankind should “not be afraid”, that even those early Christians who were “hated” by “the world” (the Roman Empire) of their day should not panic.

When all the world's theologising is said and done GOD IS. The God that Jesus points to. Even those who “lose their life will gain it”. Would that we might learn from Simon “the Zealot” how to be a little more laid back. And from St Jude that to speak of “lost causes” is to be demonstrably faithless and hopeless. We're not a lost cause. We're God's cause.

Don't panic, said Dad's Army's Corporal Jones. And a lovely friend gave me a keyring as she left the church here this morning. It bears some words I treasure from the wonderful Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Everything will be alright in the end. So, if it is not alright now, it is not yet the end!

Whoever you are, wheresoever you are, remember that underneath you, and above you, and all around you, and within and without you, are the “everlasting arms”. Peace, peace, peace.


2 thoughts on “DON’T PANIC!

  1. A premonition Simon ?How very apt….dear old Clive Dunn…who passed onto higher places yesterday….a lovely Actor…and man who loved his fellow man we’ll miss his quiet humour…but will still have him with us in the Dad’s Army repeats out for the one this weekend…R I P Remembrance Day comes this Sunday…let us recall ” Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn, at the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them”…..Rest easy Corporal Jones 8/11/12

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