SERMONS ONLINE Homily for All Saints’ Sunday : 4th November 2012
Audio: “Shimmering” here or download Mp3 here
Revelation to St John the Divine 21.1-6 and Matthew 5.1-12

RATTY AND MOLE encountered “eyes shining with unutterable love“. Richard Lischer eloquently speaks of a vision of heaven on earth that amounts to “shimmering” love. And in our eucharistic celebration here this morning we sang of “ineffable love”.

Frail children of dust,
and feeble as frail,
in thee do we trust,
nor find thee to fail;
thy mercies, how tender!
How firm to the end!
Our Maker, Defender,
Redeemer, and Friend!

O measureless might,
ineffable Love,
while angels delight
to worship thee above,
the humbler creation,
though feeble their lays,
with true adoration
shall all sing thy praise.

Worship (“giving proper worth to”) brings us into the presence of Love. Life calls in the centre of each of us both to be loved and to offer love. Unutterable, shimmering, ineffable. This is the task and vocation of each and every one of us – souls and saints.

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