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What would it mean to you if
In a moment of startling clarity
Bright as the Morning Star
It dawned upon you that
It was you that was born that night
In Bethlehem* afar?
What would it mean to you if
By converse and counsel
Silence and prayer
It became true for you that
You were, that you are.
What would it mean for you?

SRM 11 December 2012

*Bethlehem – House of Bread, or, one might say, a House of God’s provision

6 thoughts on “WHAT WOULD IT MEAN?

  1. Thank you, everyone, for your “likes” and kind encouragement. This little piece came about on one of those “woke me up in the middle of the night” occasions that causes one to bound out of bed and write it down – only to discover, in my case, that the words were still in my head and heart by the morning anyway 🙂

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