A STARTLINGLY GORGEOUS sunrise set a frosty day off to a good start. Fine preaching – and a host of other things too – have left me with plenty to ponder for a month! How to quieten the mind tonight? A quiet hour now, I think, with one of the innumerable books that helps me make connections – and settles the overactive soul towards rest …

2 thoughts on “SUNRISE

  1. Simon! First, this is a lovely picture with wonderful, grounding thoughts. Thank you. Always helpful reminders from you. Second, I have been thinking of you so much. One of my blogger friends turned me on to this site I think you would love it.

  2. THANK YOU! I’ve been thinking about you and your lovely new laptop, too. And I absolutely LOVE your new hairstyle. Clever you :). I’ve had an almost insanely busy start to 2013 already and regret not being able to keep in touch with treasured friends more often than the latter part of last year and the early weeks of this one have allowed for. But it’s always a joy to read your blog and to be in touch. Now I’ll follow your photo-a-day, too. Yep! I found you. Keep writing. You always inspire. Love from your friend over the ocean xx

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