Audio: “Withered hand, withered hearts” at 10.30am today here

JESUS SEEKS TO HEAL “a man with a withered hand” in our Gospel account today – eucharistic lectionary: Hebrews 7:1-3, 15-17 & Mark 3.1-6 – “and the priests took counsel against him”. God help us then. God help us all to learn a new lesson, a “gospel lesson” – a couple of thousand years after this account was presented to us. How often does God seek to heal by means of human hand and heart, only to have the leaders of the world’s various religious institutions rise up to “take counsel against?”

What are we dealing with here. One withered hand – or millions and millions of withered hearts? 

May the Gospel challenge us! – until God’s Kingdom of justice and righteousness for ALL people – the reign of the “King of Salem”, the “King of Righteousness” – be come on earth as it is in heaven.