BLESSED BE THE GOD OF SURPRISES. May it be that all “men and women of goodwill” pray for and send blessing for Pope Francis, just as he has asked. And for Archbishop Justin of Canterbury, too, as both rededicate their lives to journeying with “the whole world” in prayer. Benedictus!

8 thoughts on “POPE FRANCIS

  1. Me too – deeply hopeful and delighted. I’ve long been much inspired by the book “God of Surprises” by the Jesuit priest Gerard Hughes.

  2. Gentleness and humility personified. Great hope for the future

  3. Indeed. I heard a discussion yesterday with several prominent theologians here in the States, and they were remarking on the sad fact that the #1 association with the Catholic church in this country is not its many charitable works or its incredible tradition in education, but the child sex abuse scandal. It’s a dark, ugly stain on the church…

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