THE RESURRECTION LIFE – loving and living and dying and rising …

Happy Easter

3 thoughts on “SURREXIT

  1. why doesn’t anything happen when I click on the link? first it told me I needed quicktime so i installedit – now nothing happens…

  2. Happy Easter Dorothy. And thanks. I’ve been having some minor problems with audio files (mainly from folks wanting to access files from iPad and being successful sometimes and not, inexplicably, at others) and have been waiting for a quiet opportunity to experiment with SoundCloud. Your query and a quiet afternoon in Easter holiday week has prompted me to get on with it. Now I just need to work on sound levels a bit but I’ll stay on the case! Hope this SoundCloud version works for you.

  3. How beautifully put! To “fall in love with life” and be a child again. I really hope you continue with the audio clips. While I am a country away, I am still able to attend your sermon. Bless you for all you do! I enjoyed this immensely.

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