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TODAY WE ENCOUNTERED Jesus at the Pool of Siloam in Beth-zatha or Bethesda. The name means House of Mercy and it is sacramental sign and symbol of our vocation today as the Body of Christ now on earth. Humankind is called by one of her own, by Jesus of Nazareth, to be merciful.

Encountering a “paralysed” man with “no-one to help” him into the healing waters of the pool, Jesus asks the “obvious question” that’s so obvious no-one asked it before. “Do you want to be well?”.

And it was the asking of that question, the showing of mercy, rather than a dip in the pool, that restored health and wholeness to a man who’d lain waiting for 38 years. Jesus of Nazareth is a House of Mercy in his own person. And we – all humankind – the “Body of the Anointed (Christos)” now on earth are equally and wholly to be Houses of Mercy in just the same way.

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Living Below the Line

Bramhall Parish Church is hugely proud of Rachael Elizabeth, who, together with her friend Florence at University in Lampeter has been “Living Below The Line” on just £1 per day – having sought sponsorship for the merciful works of Christian Aid. Between them they’ve raised £735 to date. Houses of Mercy. Models. Christ-like. Sometimes it’s obvious things that change the world in the biggest and best ways. Sometimes it’s just plain mercy that’s required. Please click Rachael’s photo if you’d like to offer sponsorship. And please take a moment to offer thanks in your own special and personal way for the gifts of life and of love in your life and in mine.

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