BE TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your minds – Romans 12.2

Heartfelt thanks to Andrew Moore with whom I’ve just spent an exhilarating seven hours talking non-stop (apart from a quick hike down to Pizza Express where the conversation continued apace) on art, cosmology, medicine, music, poetry (all the way through biblical, to Shakespeare, to modern, “edgy”, international stuff), prayer and prose, philosophy, psychology, psychiatry, quantum physics, spirituality and theology, world faith traditions – and everything in between.

Today’s been one of those really glorious experiences of all things “coming together” that serendipity occasionally conjures up for us. Having met to talk only once before, and that briefly, we’d planned a more orthodox sort of a meeting between 3 & 4pm. And I’m wondering how to begin to describe the avenues we’ve walked – a medic and a priest – and the world scenery we’ve taken in.

Answer: I can’t. Not in a short piece! But the height and breadth and width and depth of this simply fabulous TED talk (discovered with another special friend and thinker with whom I’ve talked and dreamed dreams until well-nigh “kingdom come”) by the marvellous Benjamin Zander – charismatic conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, The Youth Philharmonic, Teacher at The New England Conservatory of Music, and author of “The Art of Possibility” – might go some way to giving just a flavour.

Benjamin Zander is, for me, one of the world’s exemplars of what it means for a person to have what Patsy Rodenburg has simply called PRESENCE.

Don’t aim to increase from 3-4% – why not go for 100%? …