I POSTED THIS VIDEO back in January this year in cheerful anticipation of Jeremy Begbie’s coming to address Chester’s Triennial Clergy Conference. Well, we’re here in sunny Swanwick, in hilarious and delighted company last evening with Adrian Plass; warmly remembering Rick Lischer’s being with us from Duke three years ago; welcoming back Walter Moberley for the Bible Studies, and George Guiver CR on Worship – and revelling in the company of Jeremy Begbie, also over from Duke, who has held us rapt for two marvellous sessions – one on Lament and another on Praise.

Swanwick Conferences over the years have been special in all sorts of extraordinary ways and this one’s no exception. Ian Davenport and his colleagues on the organising group have excelled themselves and the atmosphere (and the food!) here is terrific.

Jeremy Begbie alludes in this video to some words from the poet Peter Riley

improvisation as the exploration of occasion

The mark of the Spirit is to be seen in just such improvisation, right alongside the most careful precision, right here, right now. Unforgettable. And as Walter Moberley might round this up

Blessed be God! Amen and Amen!