JUST HAD SUNDAY EVENING SUPPER. Sandwiches, some crisps. Coffee. Simple. Didn’t make a big meal of it. And that’s something I’m going to try to keep in mind as I try to make a doubtless-faltering post-summer-holidays return to this too-neglected blog. Keep it simple. Not a big deal. Don’t categorise or agonise. No need – everyday anyway – for half an hour spent trying to find just the right photo. Just write a few lines. Like Sunday supper, it doesn’t need to be a major trial. Better that a simple paragraph or two might raise – somewhere, sometimes – an embrace, a prayer, a smile.

And I’ve been asking myself who the blog’s for anyway. OK – 1, 2, 3.

1 – For loved ones – family and friends

2 – For loved ones – people of goodwill near and far, who generously love and pray for me

3 – For me – a school-of-life exercise book. Quiet-thinking space. A place just to be

A good Sunday. A mixture, of course. The glad and the sad. Happy news from our team visiting Newala in Tanzania. A St Michael’s Church Family “Peace Circle” – embracing those present and others unable to be present – because every one of us upon earth needs it, “Shalom”, that’s to say, assurance, re-assurance and peace. A fond farewell to Geoffrey and Judith and their boys at the beginning of a week full of very mixed feelings as the removals van cometh. (May it be a Karma Truck like Mimi’s). A remembering that D & J will be (if memory serves) on holiday in Turkey – and wishing them as much joy as they give out to others. Followed by a nap. And then a drive over to see my dear parents. Followed by a visit this evening with parents grappling with the shock of a daughter’s dying only yesterday.

Thank you fellow bloggers – you know who you are, near and far. Thank you special ones, family and friends. Thank you fellow pilgrims – the fit and the healthy ones, the struggling ones, the sad ones and the happy ones. Thank you for your love, and for your lives, and for your prayers. I’m glad to share in them. Very, very glad to share in them.

4 thoughts on “A BIG MEAL OF IT

  1. As a friend across the pond, I am VERY grateful for your blog, Simon. Every post is a little ray of sunshine in my in-box….. Hugs, Lori

  2. Thank you, Simon. Always good to see you on my computer screen. Three very big cheers for all forms of communication. And for friends whose very presence is encouragement x

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