THANKS BE TO GOD for the safe return home of Bramhall’s Newala pilgrims, bearing typically generous Tanzanian gifts – from a visit characterised by joy. Thank you to Bishop Oscar and the hundreds of friends across the Diocese of Newala who warmly welcomed their visitors. Thank you to Anita Matthews for her marvellous leadership of the group. Thanks for a report received this morning of one 3 and a half hour service of worship (amongst many other such celebrations) that lifted the hearts of all present, old and young, locals and foreigners. Thanks for singing and dancing and prayer and praise. Thanks for the gospel stories that will celebrate our ongoing partnership – stories retold and relived in Tanzania, and right here in Bramhall. Thanks be to God for those who carved the “Newala St Michael’s Parish Bramhall UK Partnership” into the above-pictured gift of love – and onto many hundreds of hearts.