Bringer of joy you’re like a butterfly landing,
Painful metamorphosis having gained you your wings,
And admiring I stutter as I watch you flutter,
Rest on the current, little miracle, rest awhile,
Wait, trust through the night until dawn chorus sings.
Yours is a giftedness beyond any human understanding,
Light, for flight, that you may soar above things,
Landing here today, landing there tomorrow, fragile
Bearer of gladness and hope amidst madness, sadness
Dissolves along with hopelessness and pain, for your
Chrysalis unfurled to reveal a bringer of healing –
For you, first, by the hand Who gives you your wings;
Later gifted by you for as yet unimagined hopefulness –
For hearts healed by joy a bright butterfly will bring.

SRM 27 viii 2013

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