“UK Parliament is to be recalled on Thursday to discuss response to alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria”

May it be, then, that every peace-loving child and woman and man upon earth pray today for wisdom, discernment and grace in time of great trial.

Let no one underestimate the extreme burden resting now upon the human shoulders of any and all – wheresoever they are, and whomsoever they represent – now called upon to make urgent decisions in the face of unimaginable complexity and danger.

In company with Jesus and the whole glad company of Heaven’s Shalom, in company too with all who pray on earth for safety and peace for all humankind, and in the power of God’s Spirit, I pray

May the God and Source of life
And of every good in every living thing
Have mercy on us all
And grant us grace, mercy and peace


  1. As we come close to entering a new year (according to the Jewish calendar), the time for reflection and hope for a sweet and peaceful year is primary in my mind. Arguably it should be in the forefront of one’s thoughts throughout the year – but the poignancy of this fragile, frightening time underscores all the prayers for grace, wisdom and kindness.

  2. Yes, yes, dear Mimi.

    You know, whenever I’m engaged in a bout of impromptu community singing – across all-ages – one of the most popular songs sung is “Shalom, my friend, Shalom, my friend, Shalom, Shalom … ” and always it brings tears to my eyes as I remember balmy, peaceful nights of a mini-sabbatical 13 years ago, drinking coffee, eating ice cream, chatting with friends and singing / praying / yearning for the blessedness reached-for in that great song, on Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem. How I shall love, when we’re finally assembled on your deck, coffee in hand, to talk with you about those days in the “Vision of Peace” … and those to come …

    Love and thanks, as ever xx

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