WHEN JANET KETTERINGHAM told her brother Geoff that there was to be a family gathering in our parish centre, to celebrate his special birthday, she had it in mind that the guests would be amongst the first to use the renewed and restored facility. But “the best laid plans of mice and men”, even those of a beloved parish administrator, are sometimes thwarted. Janet’s used to responding to the occasional crisis though – she’s an experienced guider and a former churchwarden here – and worries simply disappeared when it was suggested that St Michael’s Church itself became the banqueting hall. “The atmosphere couldn’t have been bettered anywhere” said one guest. “Just perfect” said another. “I’ve been singing up at the top” said a very young and very happy other. We all learn so much, all the time, from Janet’s unflappability and the good news is that “handover” of the centre, and of Janet’s lovely new office, is now scheduled for next Friday.

My cup shall be full.

Jesus of Nazareth will have been at the heart of all of this. Loving it. Many happy returns Geoff.