DON’T BE AFRAID OF HOLINESS said Pope Francis in St Peter’s Square, Vatican City this morning –

Let us not be afraid to respond to Christ’s call, to trust in the working of the Holy Spirit and to pray and strive for that holiness which brings true joy to our lives.

And in company with 35,000 pilgrims, from countless faith traditions and from all around the world, gathered peacefully around this most charismatic of pastors, I greeted him and was greeted by him.

But I am a sinner, Father, you may say. Brothers and sisters, I say to you, the Pope is a sinner too. And the Church’s doors are wide open, for me and for you.

I prayed for the Universal Church and for my own beloved St Michael & All Angels Bramhall  – thanking God for the angels in my own life, some of whom know who they are and of how dear they are to me, and some of whom perhaps don’t.

And I thanked God for his servant Francis. And for my own bishops and colleagues. And for all women and men and children of goodwill in all the world. Blessed be God!

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3 thoughts on “HOLINESS

  1. U have the same impact on so many. Thanks be to God for all the lamps you ignite.

  2. Lee – what an extraordinarily kind thing to say. Bless you for your love and encouragement. As ever, with love for you both, Simon 🙂

  3. How exciting, Simon! I’m not Catholic, but nonetheless have been deeply moved by this pope’s actions. And Lee is right–YOU are a shining example of generosity and love for many yourself. We who are lucky enough to be in your orbit are truly blessed. Xoxo l

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