I OWN A LUMP IN MY THROAT during the course of our eucharistic celebrations for “Thanksgiving Sunday” today. There’s something deeply touching in the sight and quiet sound of a couple of hundred people slowly “going up” (a glorious Hebrew image if ever there was one) – offering thanks – gifts of prayer, time, talents, cash, financial pledges – and reverently placing all of these in a large African basket at the heart of our House for the Church. Bread and wine, orange juice, tea, coffee, sherry and croissants help to further cement the relationships. And a “hymn of the heart” rose out of the silence for one lady.

Yes, gratefulness makes us “turn around” and think again. The religious traditions of the world speak of “repenting” – or turning and seeing things with renewed sight in better light. Thanksgiving (what the Greeks called “eucharistia”) binds and unites humankind. Thankfulness creates bonds of love between couples, families, friendships and nations.

Gratefulness, thankfulness, in whatever tradition we stand or create – contributes to “the Kingdom of Heaven”.

Blessed be God!

Thanks for Thanksgiving here


  1. Beautiful writing! I enjoy the phrase ‘own a lump in my throat’ for I often wipe tears during church services. It is so moving to be with others as we pray and sing and worship. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post which truly contributes. I am delighted to have found your inspiring blog through Ivon.
    Blessings, Gina

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