ON THE FEAST OF ST JOSEPH OF NAZARETH: ex Maria virgine. Out of the virgin Mary. What an epic tale. What an extraordinary and glorious incarnation – putting-flesh-on-the-bones-of – the story of God’s Life-giving creativity from the lifting up of clay to the Potter’s Wheel in the Genesis – onwards and upwards and outwards and inwards through the generations until our time; and onwards and upwards and outwards and inwards through rank upon rank of angels and archangels and the whole glad company of heaven, through all eternity.

WE – every single “you and me” are “The Body of Christ”, the Anointed, the shaped and moulded and breathed-into, the taken, the blessed, the broken and the given. ALL of us – in the farthest flung reaches of the Universe. Now that’s an exciting kind of a “catholic”. Anointed Jews and Muslims and Hindus and Christians and Sikhs and Agnostics and Atheists. Yes! – an exciting kind of “catholic” – and good news, too, so a vivifying kind of “evangelical”. Anointed. Breathed-into. That’s Divine. Ex Maria virgine.